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Opicle is a digital marketing company that initiated its soulful journey in 2014, based out in Mumbai and Gurgaon. We offer full-service digital marketing services & expertise under one roof - from media and creative to search, analytics, mobile, social, ORM, Affiliate marketing. We also work as SEO agency providing best SEO services & web development company providing top-notch services. We are a Digital agency which provides not only Digital advertising but are also a well- known website design company.

The company's marketing technology supports the analytics and performance of vast performance network, programmatic marketing platforms, social media & search media marketing solutions. To deliver the best results, Opicle employs the best resources in the field that add Quality to ensure your campiagn success.



Opicle is an innovative & growing mobile marketing platform that deliver smart data result to ad agencies, networks, app developers, TELCO’s, Data partners & other media buyers. We facilitate global quality mobile data traffic, immersive high definition native video ads; through its SDK integration with leading app publishers in India & sea. For performance advertiser targeting we cater App Install, Engagement & Transaction. These modules are used to leverage the opportunities presented in the rapidly growing mobile ads space.

We have reached over 80 million mobile users (55 Million India, 25 Million International). Also we can target as per location, gender, OS, carrier etc. We also cater VAS campaign, mobile branding (CPM, CPCVetc )



Opicle provide a unique blend of ad placements (native) & premium user quality (e-mailer data base) necessary to initiate positive conversations for a brand. Our advertising media & monetizing solution are delivered by thousands of partnered online publishers and partners. Whoever the audience may be, Opicle’s ecosystem provides an appropriate context to the brands to engage with its audience, in most relevant & impactful way. Our mission is to provide with individualized and expert solution that drive ROI.

We cater wide choice of audience segments and flexibility of campaign module which can range from CPM to CPC or CPV to CPA/CPL. Opicle is associated with More than 5000 Publishers along direct inventory for display & native.



Opicle offers clever, high impact and rich video ads which enable business to explore wider range of audience. Video ads are adaptable, integral and efficient solution towards end to end approach in a customer life cycle.